Monster Legends Tips and Tricks

Monster Legends Tips and Tricks:

Monster legends game is developed by a “social Point” game company and has more than 50 million installs from Google Play. You will be surprised to know that Monster legends game is no#1 in its category.

Monster legends come under the building and fighting game, where you need to hatch, breed, train, and evolve your monster for battle.

The official currency of Monster legends is gems that you can spend to evolve your monster or to purchase a new hybrid monster.

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05 tips and tricks of Monster Legends

Tip 1 # Analysis your Monster Strength

Monster Legend game is based on Breeding a different kind of monster and mating them to make a better monster. In this endeavor, you need to know the actual strength of your Monsters.

Every monster is categories in four elements, which are given below

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Nature

After these elements, you need to know your monster strength by going to the attributes like

  • Power
  • Life
  • Speed
  • Stamina

First, understand the strength and attributes then start breeding them on your farms.

Tip 2 # Make Team

The next step in Monster legend is to make a formidable team that will win every battle you will be through. For this, you need to understand what type of elements your monster has and what are their strength.

Breed only 03 Monster:

Do not make any mistake in this early stage and breed only 03 Monster or upgrade only three monsters that you want to take in the battlefield.

You need to make sure that your fighting monster is cross bread between elements; this will ensure all the strength of both the elements in the monster.

Make sure all your fighting monsters are above level 07 or level 08 in the initial phase to win battles.

Tip 3 # Hybrid monster is best

If you want to win any battle in monster legends game, then always prefer a hybrid monster.

Hybrid Monster is those which is match and mix between different elements.

As you know, in monster legend, there are 04 types of elements on which all monster belongs. Now you need to mix and match between these 04 types of elements to form hybrid monsters.

For example

Fire + water = hybrid monster

Water + earth = hybrid monster

Earth +nature = hybrid monster

Nature + fire = hybrid monster

Fire + Earth = hybrid monster

Tip 4 # Farms are necessary to feed Monster

Farms are an essential part of monster legends games, which feed the monster and help them to level up in the game. You need many farms to breed and feed the monster in the game.

Whenever you breed any new monster, you should look for the food which they will need to eat to become strong. Ensure plenty of food on the farm so that your hungry monster gets a bellyful.

Monsters need food to evolve into more powerful levels and to gain more strength, which will help on the battlefield.

Do not neglect the food requirement of your Monster as these are the main necessity of monster legends games.

Tip 5 # Login daily Monster legends

You need to login daily to complete all daily tasks in monster legends, as these will fetch you with game goodies. Game goodies like gems, food, coins, and other game items will help you in progress in the game.

Check the daily task button and keep on completing them in monster legends to gain game items and other incentives.

Daily login in monster legends game also ensures that you did not miss any important news or announcement.

Final words

So, these are the  best 05 tips and tricks of Monster Legends by using which you can win all battle with ease.

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